An open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities.

Joplin changelog

v1.0.107 - 2018-09-16T19:51:07Z

v1.0.106 - 2018-09-08T15:23:40Z

Note: this release is no longer signed to avoid issues with renewing certificates. If you get a warning or the application cannot be installed, please report on the forum on GitHub.

v1.0.105 - 2018-09-05T11:29:36Z

v1.0.104 - 2018-06-28T20:25:36Z

v1.0.103 - 2018-06-21T19:38:13Z

v1.0.101 - 2018-06-17T18:35:11Z

This is a bug-fix release following v100 with the following fixes:

v1.0.100 - 2018-06-14T17:41:43Z

v1.0.99 - 2018-06-10T13:18:23Z

Note: This is the same as 1.0.97, but with a fix for the Linux version, which could not start anymore.

If you're using the web clipper, make sure to also update it!

v1.0.97 - 2018-06-09T19:23:34Z

If you're using the web clipper, make sure to also update it!

v1.0.96 - 2018-05-26T16:36:39Z

This release is mainly to fix various issues with the recently released Web Clipper.

v1.0.95 - 2018-05-25T13:04:30Z

v1.0.94 - 2018-05-21T20:52:59Z

v1.0.93 - 2018-05-14T11:36:01Z

v1.0.91 - 2018-05-10T14:48:04Z

Same as v1.0.90 but with a fix for #510

v1.0.89 - 2018-05-09T13:05:05Z

v1.0.85 - 2018-05-01T21:08:24Z

Note: This is the same as v84 but with the note creation bug fixed.

v1.0.83 - 2018-04-04T19:43:58Z

v1.0.82 - 2018-03-31T19:16:31Z

v1.0.81 - 2018-03-28T08:13:58Z

v1.0.79 - 2018-03-23T18:00:11Z

v1.0.78 - 2018-03-17T15:27:18Z

v1.0.77 - 2018-03-16T15:12:35Z

Note: This fixes an invalid database upgrade in the previous version.

v1.0.72 - 2018-03-14T09:44:35Z

v1.0.70 - 2018-02-28T20:04:30Z

v1.0.67 - 2018-02-19T22:51:08Z

v1.0.66 - 2018-02-18T23:09:09Z

v1.0.65 - 2018-02-17T20:02:25Z

v1.0.64 - 2018-02-16T00:58:20Z

Still more fixes and improvements to get v1 as stable as possible before adding new features.

IMPORTANT: If you use Nextcloud it is recommended to sync all your notes before installing this release (see below).

v1.0.63 - 2018-02-14T19:40:36Z

v1.0.62 - 2018-02-12T20:19:58Z